bEATs with bALLs & bRAINs

Bob Bossaert. BBB. The Brain, the Beats & Balls. In short BoBo: Bon Chic, Bon Genre. Bossa (ert) Nova. The Boss, quoi. Give him a Dj-booth and he gets wings. Literally. Green and red. A lot of passion. As a complete superhero BoBaLiciouS- aka Mega Mestizo Madness - he takes all his helpless audience on a crazy worldtour.

From Belgium over the Balkans straight into Bollywood. BBB. Dry Trips and flipping. With mysterious musical stops in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand and Venezuela. Countries where bobalicious personally went to get the Mestizo Madness Mustard. And how! His roots, folk and world, never denying. But Bigger, Better & BoBaLiciouS. BBB. Reckless rhythm bombs. By incessantly of a sultry tropical rainstorm. Uptempo Irie and Global Noizzz.

Crossover with only one constant: danceable as hell. A rhythmic barrage with the ruthless precision of a sharpshooter. Hip Rocking meeting the dawn meeting. Standing still is punishable. Even the dawn dancing menacing swaying in the cool twilight of himself. And now you!




The BBB took my party away @ Tomorrowland, Polé Polé, Ringsted (DK), Folkfestival Dranouter, Polé Polé Beach, Couleur Café, Kokopellifestival, Antilliaanse Feesten, Dranouter aan Zee, De Vooruit, De Roma, De Zwerver, de Gentse Feesten, KrakRock, StuBru, Labadoux, de Paulusfeesten, Deerlycke Festival, de Nachten van de Jukte, Benenwerk, Airbag Festival, Folkwoods (Nl), Nubux (Nl), Makitburn, Eargasm, Antwerp Open Air, Het Noord Ontspoortand still counting. Let this next party be yours!